“In this acoustic setting his songs are greeted by a moments silence before the heartfelt applause kicks in when everyone knows they’ve heard something special” – Americana Fest Review (Bristol 24/7 Magazine) (04/07/22)

Alex played Americana Fest in Bath at The American Museum & Gardens this weekend, performing with his band The Crown Electric on the main stage before joining the songwriters’ circle to play a selection of his songs, solo and stripped back.

Read the full review of the weekend here from Bristol 24/7 Magazine: https://www.bristol247.com/culture/music/review-americana-fest-the-american-museum-and-gardens-theres-been-some-real-collaborative-musical-magic/?fbclid=IwAR38YM9kQqDpLMKixUzQknwqbu29_2PPdwAwHmC-sNdHdVW5KJ8eQo4OGIY_aem_AY_bLVQUNs1QBfADNrygbEzmMEL2qOfFKq_swOD1_wRuRoEJrQxcwI7hgCH4VUlyO8E

(Photo Credit: Sara Gwynn)