Spotify Essential Playlist – Thoughts..(15.06.23)

Spotify has kindly decided that I’m worth an ‘Essential Playlist’.

The relationship with Spotify and other digital streaming services is a weird one. On one hand: (and the problem all artists face, unless they’re Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran etc) it’s daylight robbery.

Each play registering a laughable

0.0000 whatever pence, for the likes of me.

On the other hand, people all around the world have the ability to immediately listen to your music, at the click of a button, therefore creating immeasurable potential for outreach.

I’ve always been analogue driven, concerned more about live, and the physical art form, rather than getting bogged down in all the digital nonsense.

It’s voodoo as far as I can work out.

It’s nonsensical to see musicians having to pay for sneaky streams via cheating ‘bots’. What purpose does that serve?

I guess it feeds the ego and gives a false sense of achievement?

Artists then get millions of streams: and yet they couldn’t put 50 people in a room to watch them live.

My numbers have increased since the release of ‘Idiot Station’ So I guess it has tapped into the algorithm, which then generated the playlist.

Anyway, all of this is my roundabout way of saying thank you to everyone who has streamed so far.

It’s also a shameless invitation to anyone out there, who hasn’t listened yet, to go check it out.

Liking, and then sharing doesn’t hurt, either.

And make sure you turn it up.

Oh what a world we live in!